Saturday, July 6, 2013

What are MY Goals?


Maintain being pain free in my joints and soft tissues.


Maintain current mobility. Would be good if i can achieve a flat shinbox but that is low priority.


Maintain normal human movement functions. The only strenous things i need to do in my real life are some occasional carrying of luggage for travelling, working with tools, and store work in the military. TACFIT 26 have served me well in keeping my functions well maintained. For me most of the BW movements are relatively not that difficult to achieve with some training. The only elusive movements are the KB 1H Push Press at >24kg and CB Swipe / Gama Cast at >35lb.


In short, what impresses me the most is strength endurance like Sergey Rachinskyi's BB Squat 100kg for 212 reps: significantly high resistance but not maximal and mind blowing number of reps. I am also impressed with KB sport competition feats and 30 minutes or more but no more interested in competition events.

I started to think that i need more strength because of the new Circular Strength Training Cert requirements of Trial By Fire with 20 or 25 lbs for Coach Level. Flowfit is very easy for me but Clubbell swinging is not so.

Also Scott Sonnon and Alberto Gallazzi demonstrates KB and CB exercises in some TACFIT programs easily (TACFIT KB Spetsnaz, King of Clubs, Clubbell 5x5 etc.) with 32kg and 35 / 45lb. No way are you going to use 32kg and 45lb as a working weight (ie not max) in these programs without a higher level of base strength. Most of us would be smoked with 12kg and 20lb. Some of us may be strong enough to use 16kg and 25lb. With the big jumps in weight for KB and CB, even though i have not done them to all to Level 4 and going up the weights, i think i can say that it is not possible to go up to 32kg and 45lb by doing these programs, ie you need a dedicated strength program to be able to use 32kg and 45lb as a working weight.

Thanks to TACFIT 26 along the way i grow to learn what are my weakness and strength.

Strength: efficiency. The easiest exercises for me to progress are the explosive/ballistic exercises and bodyweight exercises. I can do them to a moderate effort without much practice.

Weakness: effectiveness, aka raw strength, aka i am weak. The hardest exercises are CB and KB exercises particularly the 1H Push Press, 2H Swipe, 2H Gama Cast where upper body strength is the limiting factor. Simply i can't use anything heavier than 24kg (Level 3) or 35lb (Level 4) for my working weight.

For BW, Planche Press (Level 3) and Shoulder Press (Level 4) are hardest but i know i can get them if i do some specific practice. These are limited by skill rather than strength. Rings Rollout (Level 4) is limited by strength and need specific strength work.


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