"I have been suffering from lower back pain for many years, but it has been quite bad in the past year or so. Since coming to see Herman at the PIT 2-3 times a week for past few months, it has almost completely gone. We have been doing various corrective and strengthening exercises to improve my posture and movements. I used to have pain doing every day activities like cleaning the house, but now I can do all my normal activities without any pain at all!"

Jessica Raza

"When I first emailed The PIT regarding personal training, I admit I was a bit apprehensive. Pictures of heavily tattooed muscular weightlifteresque guys were admittedly intimidating initially to say the least, I was afraid that a chubby overweight unassuming guy like me would not be able to fit into a place like that. But I was very wrong. The warm greeting and detailed interview with Herman (my current trainer) about my habits, hobbies and my goals slowly eroded that fear away. And as I got to know Irving, Herman and the rest of The PIT staff, I felt like I wasn’t no longer a client but a member of a family, a member of a band of brothers kind of thing.

After a particularly grueling sessions, other trainers that don’t work with me, even other members would come up, pat me on the back and say “Good job bro, keep it up”. I don’t even train with them and yet they watch out for me, trainers don’t do that Real Bros do that. I don’t see the trainers at The PIT as trainers, instructors who just tell you what to do and watch you do it, I see them as friends, as comrades, as brothers who watch out for you, who inspire and motivate, who take the time out of their schedule to contact you the next morning and ask you if you’re feeling okay, if you’re hurting in anyway and how to rectify and recover yourself.
Before the first session at The PIT I started out feeling fat and jaded that I was not losing weight anymore, my diet control wasn’t working. But 4 weeks later after I started at The PIT, I lost about 4kg of weight, almost all of it fat. I feel faster, stronger and more agile then I ever did, my self-confidence has improved, and I can look into the mirror and see change. Sure I am still large and yeah I still can’t do a proper chin up or proper push-ups. But hey Rome wasn’t built in a day, and one day I will do it and under Herman, Irving and the rest of The PIT I know I can.

People ask me, after finding out that I train at The PIT, “why do you spend so much money?? Isn’t it expensive?? Why don’t you just train at a normal gym or run!?” Well in response:
It’s not about the money, but if you ask me its money d*m well spent. It’s not just any old gym, it’s a community, it’s somewhere any old Joe on the street can walk in and walk out with his head held high knowing he accomplished something.

Thank you Irving Scott Henson, Herman Chauw and everyone else at THE PIT Singapore for all that you have done for me thus far, this was the best decision of my life, I am and will be eternally grateful. And if you ask me right here right now if I would turn back the clock and do it all over again. I would flash you a grin and say “H*ll Yeah”.


Joel Chan Yu Fung, 7th August 2012

"I find Tacfit a really enjoyable and fun workout as it is something different from usual weight training. Herman is a friendly and helpful trainer who has been introducing new workouts every week making workouts enjoyable and interesting with new challenges in other words an all rounded workout."

Hassan Christopher Reynolds

"The PIT is the best functional fitness training facility I've found in Singapore, well-stocked with all the key equipment needed for various programmes such as FlowFit, TacFit and CrossFit. The coaching staff are top notch, and Herman Chauw has been a great guide into the world of FlowFit and TacFit. I have barely repeated a single workout in almost half a year training here with him and the variety of the different challenges in each workout means I look forward to every trip to the gym. If you're looking to get fit, strong, flexible and healthy in a motivating, fun and friendly environment, with an amazing team of professional, knowledgeable and focused trainers, the PIT is the place to be."

Nicholas Fang, Multisport Athlete

“I chose to train my team at the PIT because of their knowledge and professionalism in strength and conditioning. Football has evolved and physical strength and is an important part of the game.

The team is very privileged to work with the PIT on this aspect of the players conditioning program.

The technical staff can see the improvement of players since we started training with the guys at the PIT. Results have come sooner than expected and the players look forward to their sessions with the guys.”

Steven Tan – Head Coach, Tampines Rovers Football Club.

“The training at the PIT has been a big boost for the players and it has helped their endurance during games.

Even the smaller players are tougher now and can withstand the physical contact that is involved in the game.”

Jeff Tam – Sports Trainer, Tampines Rovers Football Club.

TACFIT 26 gives me the strength & conditioning AND mental challenge to keep me in tip top shape and ready for all kinds of physical exertion without special preparation.

Herman Chauw, CST Coach, TACFIT Field Instructor

"I've would like to thank Coach Herman Chauw for the tips and techniques he taught me during my class with him... Warming up with CST/TACTFIT concepts and mobility helped me in all my events in Orang Kuat Sabah 2011! Especially active recovery in between lifting events and reps... Strength without Mobility is pointless."

Ahmad Taufiq Muhammad, Strongman Athlete, Orang Kuat Sabah 2011 Champion

“Herman Chauw’s program is extremely intense or not depending on your needs. I find it useful for myself.”

Yong Jian-Yi, Singapore Science Centre

“Joint mobility improved. I find the classes are good, explanation of moves is simple and easy to understand.”

Juliet, Singapore Science Centre

“A varied activity that helped me with my old injuries.”

Eng Wen, Singapore Science Centre

“I like Flowfit coz it gives me the cardio vascular workout as well as muscle toning and strengthening. It improves my agility too. A great all-in-one!.”

Corinne Tan, Singapore

“I sustained the knee injury probably because i did not prepare well for a 10km run. I did a 10km run and immediately after the run and for the next three years i was having constant knee pain...

For a long time i had a lot of pain in my knees and i was having problems with squatting and coming down stairs. And i tried a lot of methods. I tried going to the gym and i tried to have personal training but even then it couldn't help me solve the problem of painful knees. So i decided to try kettlebells...

[My knees are] a lot better...I attended one of Herman's classes and he taught me good squatting exercises and told me to practice them at home. And since then i had been doing [them] and i found that...it has helped me eliminiate all [the] pain from my knees. Now my knees are a lot stronger. I can squat and climb down the staircase without any pain...

Because of the painful knees i was not able to sustain my activities for very long, but since i have eliminated the knee problem i had been able to do more cardiovascular exercise for a longer period of time.

Herman is very thorough when it comes to assessing your problems and trying to find a solution. He doesn't just use kettlebells. He would try and use as many methods as possible within his repertoire to help you overcome your injuries and get you on your way to recovery path.”

May Wong, Physiotherapist

I had lower back pain problem for a few years but was not able to find a solution to it until I met Coach Herman. In the past, I was not able to do a kettlebell swing longer than 2 mins as I would feel the pain on my lower back which could last for about 1 week and certain movements were restricted.

However, under Coach Herman’s guidance during Rehab classes, I can see the significant improvement on my movements and [am] able to do more than 4 mins of swing without feeling any discomfort or pain. Foam rolling, Intu-flow® played a huge part of my rehab sessions and of course, not forgetting Coach Herman’s help. He was able to identify the problems that I am facing and provided different types of solutions and advice. 1 helpful advice was “Do not go beyond the tension”. I am very grateful to him and sincerely thank him. Thank you Herman!”

Tuan Yong, Banker

Herman is an extremely knowledgable and dedicated trainer, who is able to articulate and instruct his teachings very well. Attending his kettlebell workshop was a very valuable and enriching experience, not just to learn the finer aspects of kettlebells techniques, but all aspects of his teachings, from joint mobility to injury prevention to yoga.

Not only can he help you to gain strength, mobility and flexibility, but he lives by his own philosophy and is a true inspiration to all of us. Believe me, for a guy who has achieved certifications from the toughest and finest fitness coaches out there (i.e. Pavel and Scott Sonnon), this trainer is several notches up and above other ’generic fitness instructors’!! You are not getting someone who simply instructs you to lift weights for X amt of times; or a fitness instructor trying to sell you the next ”fitness fad”; no, what you are getting is a dedicated instructor who goes beyond all the physical instructions and can teach you about understanding your body, and the steps to greater health and vitality.

Whether you are there to pick up kettlebells or clubbells to gain strength, or to study methods for better mobility and flexibility, I strongly encourage everyone to attend and benefit from Herman’s lessons! Or else.”

Douglas, Martial Artist

“Guys, he the best trainer I’ve ever met. In 3 words – Dedicated, passionate, professional. -A million thanks dude!”

Pearlyn Tan, Banker

“I have taken a few lessons from Herman and found him to be very well versed in kettlebell lifting techniques. He is also a dedicated teacher and always ensure that we learn the technique well. Delivery on kettlebell techniques is also clear and precise. He made learning kettlebell a really enjoyable experience. The more I learn the techniques, the more I get hooked onto kettlebell lifting. A very good kettlebell instructor.”

Shirley Wong, Singapore

“Everyone who wants to lift or try out kettlebells should learn the right techniques from Herman. Not only does he possess excellent knowledge and techniques himself, he has good eyes for coaching which is very essential for a coach in correcting poor techniques and forms. Kettlebell is a great training tool for everybody. I’m having a great time with it!”

Jinny Chan, Professional

“Herman’s kettlebell classes are the one and only kind in Singapore. If you own a kettlebell and think you can master the moves by watching videos, you cannot be more wrong and may even injure yourself in the long run because of poor technique. Getting real-life coaching from Herman will ensure that your technique is sound and you can learn from the guru himself. It is also great to interact and make friends with like-minded people in the class!”

Lai, National Serviceman

“Herman is a patient coach who shows immense enthusiasm towards kettlebells and its teachings. He makes sure by the end of the day, I am able to get the form and lifting right and meet my objectives for the lesson. Intu-flow® has particularly help me alot in my day to day movements. A definite must go for anyone who wants to improve on their mobility, “flexibility” and strength. Kettlebell is indeed addictive! Strongly recommended! Come try and you will know!”

Stephanie Tham, Teacher

“Herman is a very knowledgable and hands-on instructor and always has something to offer, regardless if you are a newbie or advanced trainee. He teaches very well paying great attention to details. Also, he is the first Circular Strength Training (CST) instructor in South East Asia and I believe he will lead a kettlebell revolution in Singapore.”

James Lai,
Founder, Singapore Kettlebells

“I find Herman a superior personal trainer. It has to be that he is certified in fitness coaching AND in strength & conditioning AND he is a qualified physiotherapist. I have rehabilitative & corrective exercises with him so that my past injuries can be treated, my training can be more effective and I can be assured that I won’t injure myself during training anymore – all my training objectives achieved AT THE SAME TIME!”

James, Business Owner

“Herman is really a walking encyclopedia of fitness trainings & exercises! Every time I have any queries about fitness terminologies, theories or practical exercises, he always has the ANSWERS there and then…It demonstrates his tremendous knowledge, expertise and interest in this field!”


“I lost 12kg in 3 months! Herman put me through an integrated and holistic weight/fat loss programme – trainings, exercises, food/dietary/nutritional intake and... LOTS of ENCOURAGEMENT! My friends told me I look 10 years younger! Thanks Herman!”