Top Selling Complete Programs (includes warm up, cool down and periodization) (e-products)
TACFIT 26 v2.0
The new generation of TACFIT 26 is live. 60% new materials.

Updates to the original includes different exercises for some programs, a warm up and a cool down for every exercise, and a video instructional for every exercise.

Bonuses include the FULL Primal Stress program so this program replaces it completely. Excludes the Revive and Thrive Flows and detailed manual of Primal Stress.
TACFIT Commando
Bodyweight only program for the minimalist.

3 programs of 6 exercises each, 3 levels of sophistication, 20/10 x 8 protocol.

Included are lots of bonuses including the best selling Flowfit®program.
TACFIT KB Spetsnaz
What can you do with ONE kettlebell? Lots. Unique exercises not seen in other fitness based kettlebell program. This is a kettlebell only program for the minimalist.

8 exercises, 4 levels of sophistication, 4 minutes on: 1 minute off protocol.

2 bonus programs: Pillars and Furnace Zero.
Have access to some ropes and straps? Suspension training allows you to utilize gravity in dimensions different from other forms of training. This is a single suspension trainer only program for the minimalist.

6 exercises, 3 levels of sophistication, 20/10 x 8 protocol.
TACFIT Mass Assault
Have access to some dumbbells? How about a fast and furious muscle building program.

4 levels of sophistication, 3.5 minutes on: 1 minute off protocol.

Also includes two bonus programs (which use bodyweight and medicine ball) which extends the program to 4 months. Also gives options for different tools like Clubbell, kettlebell and barbell.
TACFIT Warrior
 This program contains unique cross-brain exercises to make this a true mind-body exercise program. Not to mention lots of bonuses.

Bodyweight only, 5 levels of sophistication, 20/10 x 8 protocol.
Tactical Gymnastics
Do you want to move like liquid metal? This program contains exercises and progressions of low floor gymnastics for locomotion. Great for opening up the hips and extracting more power from your whole body which cannot be done from conventional exercises.

Contains three programs using Protocols 4/1, AMRAP and 90/30.
TACFIT Barbarian
A parallette training program for the tactical athlete. Learn how to utilize this simple tool for six degrees of freedom for wicked pressing strength.

4 minutes on: 1 minute off protocol.
TACFIT King of Clubs
So you already have Clubbells? This is a Clubbell only program that teach you only the essentials of two handed Clubbell training. Great for opening the shoulders and core tension.

90 seconds on: 30 seconds on protocol.
TACFIT Firefighter First Alarm
Finally, another program in the same format as the original TACFIT 26. Containing 8 programs, this program cycles through all the 6 protocols of the TACFIT system so you can get the full benefits of the original.
TACFIT Survival
Alberto Gallazzi, personal bodyguard to the Italian prime minister designed this program for preparation of the tactics and techniques of Hisardut.

20/10 x 8 protocol. Bodyweight only.
Primal Stress
Combining CST and TACFIT, Primal Stress has a huge section on joint mobility and compensatory movements. It also contains a bodyweight only strength & conditioning program using all the 6 TACFIT protocols. Very good value for money.

Note: the new TACFIT 26 v2.0 contains the FULL Primal Stress program, so i would recommend getting it instead for a better value.