Friday, March 1, 2013

Random Thoughts: Training Considerations for Developed vs Developing Countries

So i have been in Philippines many times within the past few years. One thing that strikes me is the environment is very different compared to Singapore where i am based in. Therefore training must be modified to suit the environment, regardless of equipment. This also applies to other developing countries in the region, like Indonesia etc.

Hereafter "developed" means Singapore, "developing" means the developing countries that i have been too. These are just broad generalizations and does not mean that every place is like what i have described.

Outdoor Public Space

Developed: Much relatively clean and well maintained public areas like parks, playgrounds and sports facilities.

-> Can train almost anywhere, even rolling in public areas will not get your clothes too dirty. I like training in outdoor public space in Singapore because it is relatively clean. Easy.

Developing: Almost none clean public areas. Everywhere that is outdoors is poorly or not maintained. Covered with dust or dirt, particularly black dust in the built up areas. Natural environments like empty plots of land can have much unwanted items like sharp objects, trash etc. Even the air is also much polluted with smoke and exhaust fumes. Outdoor sports facilities are available but few and expected to be dusty also. Clean natural environments could be far and not so easily accessible. Parks may be clean but that depends on how well maintained it is.

-> You could train anywhere but in consideration for my hygiene, i would not be rolling on these outdoor areas. Even putting my hands on the ground (eg push up) is also not likely. The only training i would do would be training on my feet. Even then, no barefoot training. Period.

Indoor Private Space

Can be relatively spacious or cramped in both cases depending on the owner of the property. However more houses i have visited in developing countries are more cramped than those in developed countries, especially from the poorer families. Almost every inch of available space could be taken up by necessities and no permanent space for recreation like physical play/training.

-> Both are on par. Space can be tight but can be done. Rolling on the ground is not optimal. Training on your feet is much more likely to be feasible.

Outdoor Private Space

Can be relatively clean or dirty depending on the use of the space and how well maintained it is by the owner of the property. However in developing countries it may be always dustier than developed countries because of air pollution.

-> Both are on par. Rolling on the ground can be done depending on how clean the area is. Training on your feet is much more likely to be feasible.


In developed countries, if i can get outdoors, i would get outdoors to train. Rolling yes. Training on feet yes.

In developing countries, if i can stay indoors, i would stay indoors to train. Rolling maybe. Training on feet yes.

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