Wednesday, August 7, 2013

4 to 13 Aug 2013 - Sick

Fell sick. Sick from Sunday 4 Aug and still not fully recovered now (Wednesday 7 Aug). Now i am trying to backtrack why i got sick.

Friday 2 Aug
Went for prayer meeting.
Reached home about 2130 or so.
Loaded on food for supper.
Slept about 2300 or so.

Saturday 3 Aug
Woke up about 0500 for morning client at 0700.
Napped from 0800-0900.
Started Squat Bench Power Clean at about 1130 and completed about 1300.
Squat felt heavy but all reps were completed.
Missed 1 rep in Power Clean.
Felt fine throughout the day.
Except felt a little irritation deep in my left nostril at the end of the day.

Sunday 4 Aug
Woke up with more intense nostril irritation.
Body felt a little fatigued.
Drank coke in the morning to try to cure it.
By mid afternoon, i felt worse with low grade fever and body ache so i went home to have a nap of a few hours.
Got kerik at night.
Did not sleep well. Had much phlegm.

Monday 5 Aug
Woke up at 1000+, with even more intense nostril irritation and much phlegm in my nose.
No intense physical activity the whole day.
Slept well today. Had less phlegm and was able to sleep quite soon.

Tuesday 6 Aug
Woke up with nose feeling better with much less phlegm.
No intense physical activity the whole day.
But went to the gym to coach a client at 1900.
Something happened at work that bothered me emotionally.
Could not sleep well today, with much phlegm and right-sided headache and painful temple and jaw.

Wednesday 7 Aug
Woke up at 1000+ with nose feeling just slightly better than yesterday.
Still have phlegm which was yellow (heaty) and with traces of blood.

Comment: Possibly not enough sleep the day before Saturday's workout. Maybe i should have had lunch and napped a few more hours before Saturday's workout.

Fast forward to Wednesday 14 Aug

Finally the phlegm have somewhat cleared up. Restarting training today, however i'll probably leave the 3rd exercise blank for the second and third workout of the week most of the time to reduce volume. And i would do Mon-Wed-Fri to leave Saturdays free.

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