Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random Notes from Overcoming Gravity

1. Upper body strength is best worked with bw. Lower body strength is best worked with weights.

2. Work handstand holds.

3. Work handstand and manna together.

4. Work straight arm handstand press.

5. Work 2 pushing and 2 pulling exercises for upper body and 2 for legs for beginners, then 3 each after you get some experience.

6. 5 types of goals:

Skill goals: eg handstand
Pushing goals: planche
Pulling goals: front lever
Mobility/flexibility goals: flat shinbox, side splits
Rehab/prehab goals: half bodyweight cuban rotation

7. For dynamic movements, optimally train in the 3 sets x 3-8 reps range. 5 reps is best.

8. For isometric holds, optimally train 4-5 sets x 60-70% max hold time for a total of 45-60 sec.

Best is 13-18 sec max hold time and 9-12 sec per set.

9. Superset opposite muscles to shorten time, eg planche and front lever.

10. For routines you can do 5-6 skills 5-6 times.

11. Do "compressions" for core

12. For dynamic movements, generally you are ready to go up a progression if you can do 8-10 or more reps.

For isometric movements, generally you are ready to go up a progression if you can hold for 25-30 sec.

13. 50% time should be spent on skill work, 50% on strength and conditioning. Eg:

Skill + Strength

14. Aerobic base can be used to improve performance in intervals of longer than 30 sec, eg gymnastics.

15. The Chinese require that their gymnasts squat at least 2x bodyweight.

16. Hips prehab:

Pike Stretch
Front Split
Side Split
Pike Compressions
Straddle Compressions
Kneeling Lunge Stretch

17. Back prehab:

Seal, Side to Side Seal

18. Shoulder isolation exercises:

Scapular Push Up
Scapular Wall Slides
Band Dislocates
German Hang
Undergrip Hang Stretch

19. Wrist exercises:

Wrist Push Up
Rice Bucket Circles
Wrist Roller
Sitting Wrist Drill Bit

20. "Gaining weight is simple. Eat a lot."

21. "For eliminating colds and upper respiratory infections such as the flu - 10,000-30,000IU for Vitamin D. Vitamin C DOES NOT HELP."

22. 3 main skills work:

L-sit progressions
One- and two-arm lever

23. Handstands are fundamental to gymnastics as squats are to human movement. Practice it everyday.

24. The best gymnasts have the best handstands.

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