Friday, June 21, 2013

21 June 2013 - Moderate: Convict Conditioning

Vertical Row Leg Forward: 20
Bent Leg Row: 15
Straight Leg Row (Bar): 15
Straight Leg Row (Rings): 50

2L Deadlift 20kg: 20
Closed Deadlift 2x8kg: 20
Offset Deadlift 2x8kg: 50/50, 50/50

Row Top Hold: 44 sec

LYTP 2x2.5kg
L: 23
Y: 15
T: 21
P: 30

Comments: Straight Leg Row is much more efficient done on the rings than bar due to the variable position of the arms.

I am not going to write down the RPE for now as i am mainly doing strength / strength-endurance work, which is about the Moderate range anyway. Even the reps and the sets themselves are done close to failure, the amount of recovery between sets lowers the RPE significantly.

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