Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Why the Floor is Better than the Suspension Trainer

For those sold by the marketing of "suspension training", "TRX training", suspension this, suspension that, i recommend you look at the Floor.

In the end it's not the tool that matters. The tool is just a tool. How you use the tool is more important than the tool. Just because it is novel, well marketed and cost a lot does not necessarily mean it is good FOR YOU.

The tool is a good tool, but most of the time sadly the system that comes with the tool is very lacking. You know what i mean (think TRX). It is irresponsible coaching to make people Push Up on the Suspension Trainer with awful form instead of teaching them to do the same with good form on the Floor. Just because you get to sell your product and the client likes it. In all probability the client has no idea what you are selling them. Clients can be fooled but not other fitness professionals.

And by the way, Suspension Trainer is NOT synonymous with TRX. I purposely did not post a photo of the TRX even though wen you do a Google search, TRX comes out tops. There are other Suspension Trainers that are cheaper and just as good or better than TRX. I am not impressed with TRX's design anyway, i prefer Rings.

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