Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Day at the PIT

Since I started training at The Pit, I feel that my level of fitness has increased tenfold. I am less fatigued during the day and find that I have the energy to work out every other day. Strange as it may seem, I actually look forward to my sessions at The Pit, both individual and group, I guess it's down to the fact that each session is tailored to ensure maximum effectiveness within a short space of time. It helps that groups sessions are fairly small, so trainers can focus their attention on ensuring that each activity is performed with the correct technique to maximise the impact. The staff and clients alike are all very supportive which also helps to maintain a regular work out scheduled. Thanks to everyone at The Pit for helping to make fitness so much fun, and to Herman for pushing me that extra mile. 

- Sity Patel, personal training client

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