Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review of Elite Warm Up and Preparation DVD

Short review on Jordan Jovtchev's Elite Warm Up and Preparation DVD. This is the only joint mobility material i have reviewed outside CST since getting into CST.
Good stuff. Many common and similar exercises from Intu-Flow (IF) and Prasara-Bodyflow (PB). However IF and PB is deeper and more systematic. Some unique exercises but if you know IF and PB, you can derive those exercises from your current knowledge and vocabulary.
Comparing the closed chain exercises, i would say Primal Stress would have greater benefit for most people as they are more isolated movements.
One unique section is the shoulder isolations using resistance band, which would be very good for prepping the rotator cuffs.

Somethings which strike me include the ease with which Jordan goes into the front and side splits, pikes, and handstands / handstand presses, including straight-arm-straight-body press.

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